First Vacation... Then Surgery.

It turns out, when a person is diagnosed with cancer, if it is not aggressive, there is a lot of waiting. Hurry up and wait, actually. Such was the case for me. Lots of appointments, tests and meetings. Then, wait. We had a vacation on the books that had been planned for over a year. Somehow, this trip fell right between my last appointment and my surgery (about a two and a half week span). 

I told my doctors I had this trip, and they said, "go!" So, go we did! 

We were headed to Campbell River on Vancouver Island, via Seattle. When we landed in Seattle it almost felt like I'd left the cancer behind in California. It was a great feeling. I had booked us a houseboat on East Lake Union, and it was everything I hoped it would be. Peaceful, beautiful and unique! 

Our view from the houseboat.

Our view from the houseboat.

From there we headed to Campbell River where we spent five amazing days with family in beautiful cabins right on the river! While in Campbell River I got the finalized surgery information and was told surgery would be on May 25th. Having the date solidified was a relief and made the vacation that much more enjoyable. 

On the way back to Seattle we got to see friends who now live in Vancouver, which was a treat! Then back to Seattle and home. 

Upon landing, I headed straight to work because we had a big event that night that I was MC'ing. It was a hard landing after ten days of bliss, away from the realities of life. I did what needed doing, and it was exhausting. 

Eight days later my husband and I were moving to Los Angeles for my surgery, and the two weeks after, so I could go to my follow-up appointments easily. We packed up the car, dog and all, and made our way back to a town we knew so well, but would not see much of on this trip (unless you count an OR, hospital room and the inside of an AirBnB apartment seeing LA!). 

Seattle was now a distant memory. Treatment was officially in high gear!

May 25th, 5:30AM we stepped into the hospital to check-in for my double mastectomy with no reconstruction and it was reassuring that the waiting room had a large print of one of my favorite places on the planet... Big Sur. I took it as a good sign! 



One of my pictures of Big Sur.

One of my pictures of Big Sur.